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Nexla’s Private Marketplaces for Data Products are private marketplaces within your organization that allows data producers and data consumers to collaborate and self-serve data. This online shopping-like interface creates a very intuitive experience for data consumers to discover, request, or search for the data they need, and then consume it, independent of format,  in any Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Stream, or API of their choice.

“A data marketplace gives the [data] consumers on the business side the ability to discover and take action on those Data Products in an easily accessible manner. You need a marketplace to go and discover new data use cases and then be able to create new things on the fly, and that’s gonna drive the next generation of technologies.” - Mansoor Basha, Chief Technology Officer at Stagwell Marketing Cloud
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A central repository where ready-to-use data products can be stored and arranged based on domains, such as departments, groups, users, etc.


Ability to create one or more Private Marketplaces. Each marketplace can have a specific set of Data Products available to users within the organization.


Data users get an intuitive shopping-like experience where they can search, discover, and request access to data products.

Why Nexla?

Nexla is a pioneer in automating data engineering and a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor.



Connect Across Domains

Create seamless, real-time data connectivity to and from BigQuery for SaaS apps, APIs, databases, file systems, and more.



Use Data from Everywhere

No/low code transformations, validations, and filters in Nexla make it easy to build any kind of flow in or out of BigQuery.



Fresh, Actionable Insights

Connect data at real-time speeds from any source for streaming analytics in BigQuery.

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