What Data as a Product is, and How it Scales DataOps

Organizations need to use data from everywhere in order to get insights, achieve operational excellence, and gain competitive advantage. But working with data remains a challenge for non-experts. Data as a Product is a new approach that addresses this challenge. Business users, analysts, and applications can discover, create, and modify data products to deliver trusted, reliable data through collaborative and automated data flows.

In this webinar, join Kevin Petrie (VP of Research, Eckerson Group) as he defines Data as a Product and how it improves and scales DataOps to help deliver the right data to the right user at the right time. We also explore how to foster a common language for multiple stakeholders and users at different skill levels to work together. Join us to learn:

- What Data as a Product is
- The role of metadata intelligence
- Why you need Data as a Product
- How the Data as a Product approach improves DataOps
- What Data as a Product looks like in practice