The Impact of GenAI on Data Engineering

Learn from experts at TripAdvisor, Bloomreach & Seattle Data Guy how GenAI is transforming data engineering to improve productivity, impact & innovation.

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Data engineers face increasing demands as companies rush to leverage Generative AI to gain competitive advantage. Yet despite this urgent need for more data, data engineers are often stuck in a cycle of firefighting and maintenance leaving them with little time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Our expert panel of senior data executives from TripAdvisor, Bloomreach & Seattle Data Guy (Ben Rogojan) with Nexla moderating discuss:

  • The future of data engineering with GenAI
  • Real-world GenAI use cases at TripAdvisor and Bloomreach
  • How to boost productivity with GenAI — including code generation, data augmentation, automation & more
  • Skills engineers need that GenAI can’t replace
Cut through the hype to learn best practices and how to avoid potential pitfalls while increasing productivity, collaboration, and innovation in your career and team with AI.


  • Avinash Shahdadpuri, Co-Founder & 
    CTO at Nexla
  • Rahul Todkar, Head of Data at Tripadvisor
  • Xun Wang, CTO at Bloomreach
  • Ben Rogojan, Seattle Data Guy